4 Simple Systems You Need In Your Business

The one question I get asked all the time is “how do you keep everything in your business so organized and not get overwhelmed?”  Well, the short answer, there are so many things that I do and it ties into everything, business/work life, home life, physical and mental well-being.  If you’d like to check out what good productivity habits I implement check out this blog post.  However, when focusing on the business/work life, there is one very important part of running a business that will allow you to not feel so overwhelmed. 

There are so many aspects of owning and running a business, however, one of the very most important aspects of running a business (besides the actual product or service) is having systems.  In order to efficiently run a business, you need to have certain systems in place, otherwise things will be chaotic and productivity would decrease very quickly. 

Well you may ask yourself, what are business systems exactly?  Business systems are processes and tools used to execute a specific task or project and obtain a specific result.  Business systems is not to be confused with SOPs which are a part of business systems, however SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) is the documentation of a specific process to an operation that describes the steps necessary to complete a set of tasks.  You can think of SOPs as “how-tos” for business related tasks.  Diving into systems can be extremely overwhelming, that’s not the goal of this post.  The goal is to give you the information you need in order to start implementing the right systems into your business so that down the road you don’t hit roadblocks and obstacles down the road.  Without further ado… here are the 4 simple business systems you need to run your business:

1. Client management system

How will you manage your clientele?  Keep all of their information, send them important files or invoices?  There are many different ways that you can implement a client management system.  You can keep it within an Excel file, use a tool such as ClickUp or Airtable, or if you want to have the best automated and easy experience you can use a client relationship management tool.  The best CRM tools I recommend are HoneyBook and Dubsado (I personally use HoneyBook within my business). 

2. Project management System

How will you keep track of tasks and projects within your business?  How will you create an effective and efficient timeline and delegate to corresponding employees?  Project management is my jam so I have all the tips and tricks on how to go about it.  If you want an in depth post about how to capitalize on your project management system to make your business as efficient as possible, leave a comment below.  But for this post’s purposes, when creating a project management system you could just write everything down on a to-do list.  However this isn’t the most effective or efficient way to do it.  Instead I suggest using a productivity tool such as ClickUp!

3. Scheduling & Calendar SYstem

How will you keep track of appointments, shipments, important dates, etc?  You will need to have a Calendar and Scheduling System.  For your calendar system, you can use a planner or even a calendar you hang on the wall and fill in important events each month/week.  However for the most automated experience I would suggest using a tool for your scheduling system.  The scheduling tool that I recommend is Calendly.

4. payment & Accounting SYstem

How will you keep track of your cash flow?  Of your income? Of your expenses?  How will people pay you?  Well if you have a CRM system such as HoneyBook or Dubsado you don’t need to worry about how people are going to pay you because you can get paid right through there!  However, how will you keep track of your cash flow?  Well you can go old school and use Excel documents, or you can use a tool that will automate a lot for you!  The accounting tool I suggest is QuickBooks, they are super easy to use and will keep track of all of your finances.  If you are looking for help setting up a QuickBooks account I have a certification in QuickBooks, I can help!

Within each of these systems you will also have procedures and processes that you must document.  Implementing these systems and tools within your business earlier will give for less trouble and a much more efficient company.  If you would like to know all the business tools that I use within my business and recommend to all my clients, check out this blog post.  Now that you have the basic knowledge of systems and what kind of systems you need in your business you can start implementing them on your own.  If you would like to chat about how you can easily start implementing systems into your business today, schedule a call!  I’m always here and I’d love to help!

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