Hi! I'm Trinity!

I’d like to tell you my story and the story of Trinity Dias & Co!

our why

I am the owner of Trinity Dias & Company as well as Trinity Dias Travel Company. I started my journey of helping business owners at 17 when I started my first business Trinity Dias Travel Company…  

During the first few years of tackling the waves and obstacles of being a business owner, I noticed just how much my fellow travel business owners struggled with the aspects of juggling work, business, and life in general on top of all of the obstacles and learning curves that comes with becoming a new business owner.  The more that I spoke with my fellow business owners I found myself saying “I can absolutely help you with that” and “Hey, I know how to do that let me help and show you.”  Through helping everyone I have found that I actually really loved doing the work and helping business owners… this is where I found my passion!  Now, 3 years later I have helped so many more business owners and I cannot wait to help more!

my mission

At Trinity Dias & Company our mission is to help overwhelmed and stressed out female business owners, who own online businesses through coaching, executive assistance, and systems support so that they can finally step into their role as CEO!  

core values

At Trinity Dias & Company our core values include the following:

♥ Integrity
♥ Accountability
♥ Honesty
♥ Value-centricity
♥ Family & Friends

Meet My Best Friends

Trinity and Stella
Learn About Stella!

Stella here is one (of my two) favorite fur balls!  When I first started my business, Stella was still a little puppy and was always by my side.  I would call her my personal assistant!  She would sit under my desk on my feet and even on the couch with me while I got work done.  

Even as a puppy she has always been a love bug and her favorite thing to do is receive lots of pets.

Trinity and Colbey
Learn About Colbey!

Colbey, my human best friend, and best boyfriend.  Through everything Colbey has always been supportive of me and my dreams.  

His favorite thing to do is to watch Impractical Jokers (lol). 

Trinity and Bentley
Learn About Bentley!

Bentley, my other favorite fur ball!  He is just a few months old, (7 months to be exact) so he is still getting into the swing of things.  He may be a little gremlin (we call him a gremlin because he growls like one and is VERY feisty) but he is the sweetest pup.  

Bentley’s favorite thing to do is play fetch with his gingerbread toy!

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